THE ROCK - BasketCamp på Bornholm (årgang 2009-2005)

5. jul kl. 08:00 - 11. jul 2021 kl. 22:00
Rønne idrætshal, Torneværksvej 1, 3700 Rønne, Danmark
Udøvere, 11 - 16 år, letøvede, øvede

2021 09 15 6010
WELCOME TO THE ROCK - BasketCamp på Bornholm

Camp Concept: 
Individual feedback 
Skill to game

What will you get on the camp? 
Basketball sessions 
Oral sessions 
Workouts on the beach 
Individual video feedback 
Online session with high level players 
All meals, 28 servings 
Accommodation in classroom 
Field trip on the rest day 
Camp gear, including uniform, backpack and hoodie (value 1067 DKK) 
Camp picture and Camp diploma 
Slideshow with pictures from the camp

Total costs, all included: 4500 DKK 
Total costs, excluding transport 4100 DKK (Transport from Copenhagen / Malmö)

Head Coach: Andrius Brusoka 
Coaches: Deng Awak, Andrius Vaicekauskas, Algirdis Stuknys (Strength and Conditioning Coach), Henrikas Luinas and Ricky Christensen

Every player at The Rock will receive a gear package for them to keep. The 2021 gear package will include: 
Basketball uniform:shorts and shirt (value 249 DKK) 
Backpack with camp logo (value 499 DKK) 
Hoodie with camp logo (value 319 DKK)

Our many years of experience in running camps means that we have a good sense of what parents usually have to worry about when sending their children to camp. 

Camp Area - safety and quality comes first 
Friends - going to camp by yourself 
Se al info om campen her: og denne side vil hele tiden blive opdateret.

COVID-19 precautions:

Everyone should be able to feel safe at The Rock. All regulations and guidelines of the governmental authorities will be strictly observed. We are following the situation and will be adjusting the camp according to the regulations applicable at the time when the camp takes place. All participants will be requested to present a new negative COVID-19 test when checking in for the busses. The camp will provide hand disinfectant for use. If governmental restrictions prevent the implementation of the camp, the participants will receive a full refund.


Har du spørgsmål til tilmeldingen, er du velkommen til at kontakte Lene Jørgensen, koordinator hos DGI Basketball, på tlf. 2213 8180 eller

Ingen dage på lejren vil være ens. 
Et samlet program for en dag på The Rock vil kunne se sådan ud: 
7:40 Vågn op 
8:00 Morgenmad 
9:00 1. basketballsession 
13:00 Frokost og hvile 
14:30 Skydesession og strandsession 
18:00 Middag 
20:00 Konkurrencer / små spil 
21:30 Aftensnack 
22:00 Godnat 
Onsdag eftermiddag tager hele lejren en ekskursion for at opleve dele af de fantastiske omgivelser.

Accommodation and Food 
We will stay in classrooms at the Åvangsskolen in Rønne.  
Players will be allocated according to age and gender, so there will be plenty of space to keep their belongings. Players can indicate with whom they would like to live when signing up, as we will make sure that the players coming alone are placed so that they have an easy time making new friends.  
All meals will be served in conjunction with the accommodation during the whole camp. Food will be plenty and healthy. Four meals a day including an evening snack. You can indicate in the registration form in case you have any allergies.

We will use busses and a ferry for transport.  
Busses will pick the participants up in Copenhagen and Malmö and  then they will take the ferry Ystad-Rønne. 
Departure will be Monday the 5th in the morning and return on Sunday the 11th in the evening. 
We will make sure to strictly adhere to all guidelines of the governmental authorities.  
If anyone needs to arrive at the camp later or leave earlier, we will assist in them by making sure the players are dropped off / picked up at the ferry in Rønne. The additional travel will be at the players’ own expense. Please contact us directly on this matter.

Our facilities 
The Rock is organized in Rønne Idrætshaller that has three basketball courts. We have an outdoor court. We will also use the affiliated outdoor court, the track and field stadium. The facilities are green and we have the full facility to our disposal.  
A key component is the beach that is within walking distance. Training in sand is a safe and great way to make conditioning and agility training. Having the ocean nearby is also a great way to end a nice practice.

It is not required that the players know English. Everything will be explained in both Danish and Swedish for the campers when needed, so that everyone can feel comfortable. In the end, basketball is a universal language and we all speak that language.

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