Are you travelling to Hærvejsløbet - The Viking Gran Fondo from abroad and looking for places to stay? Don't worry, there are plenty of great options for accommodation.

If you are travelling to Denmark from abroad to participate in Hærvejsløbet - The Viking Gran Fondo, you might be interested in a place to stay during your trip either before the start or after you finish the event.

No matter what, there are plenty of great options of accommodation spread throughout Jutland.

Hærvejsløbet - The Viking Gran Fondo is unique in the sense that there are eleven different starting points along the military road (Haervejen), but all routes end up in the same finish line area in the center of the historic city of Viborg.

As Viborg is hosting its annual and iconic cultural festival Snapstinget with great foods, music, culture and partying during the same week as Haervejsloebet, many participants chose to stay in Viborg after finishing the event.

If you base yourself in Viborg before the event as well, it's possible to be transported by bus with your bike to the starting point of your route on the morning of the event. It's also possible to stay in or close to either one of the different starting points as well as being transported back by bus after finishing the event.

Below, you can read more about the different opportunities.