Bryrup 110 km

HÆRVEJSLØBET – the Viking Gran Fondo is an unforgettable ride back through history. Test yourself on our 110 kilometer MTB-route from Bryrup to Viborg following the ancient road with single tracks, forest trails, gravel roads and dirt roads.

HÆRVEJSLØBET – The Viking Gran Fondo is a both challenging and unforgettable ride along the natural ridge that was formed through Jutland during the last ice age. Here, an ancient road – Hærvejen – has, over the centuries, helped migrants, pilgrims, merchants and Vikings stay dry as they made their way up through Denmark.

Speaking of Vikings, this 110 km MTB-route win fun trails and steep climbs will challenge your inner viking. The route passes through the beautiful landscape of the Hærvejen ancient road with rolling cornfields, beech forests, hills, lakes and idyllic villages.

While the hardships of this demanding gran fondo will definitely put you to the test, the route also offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the ride. At three places along the way, you roll through one of our feed stations, famous not only for their great food but also for their even better atmosphere.

The finish line of HÆRVEJSLØBET – The Viking Gran Fondo is on the Parade Square in one of Denmark’s oldest and most charming cities, Viborg; close to the city's 150-year-old cathedral.

E-bikes are allowed.

The route

The route isn't technically difficult, but you will experience different types of track such as blue tracks, paths with roots, loose sand and maybe some mud on your way til Viborg.

Most of the route is on gravel roads and paths.

The length of the route can vary approximately 5 percent.

At registration, you inform about your level, which is used to define start times to ensure the riders are spread out on the course.

Discount offer

SAVE 200 DKK on registration fee if you sign up before 1 January 2022.

  • Until 31. December 2022 = 545 DKK + service charge
  • From 1. January until 31. May 2022 = 645 DKK + service charge
  • From 1. June 2022 = 745 DKK + service charge

Service charge: 15,00 DKK + 0,8 % per participant

Please note, there's a limited number of places on this route.

At registration, you pick the start group closest to your level:

  • Beginner (rarely rides MTB, not in shape, doesn't ride tracks, roots and similar)
  • Lower intermediate (rides MTB a couple times a month, decent shape, not used to tracks, roots and similar)
  • Skilled (rides MTB every week, good shape and technique)
  • Expert (rides MTB all the time, very good shape and rides full gas no matter the terrain)

The start times are distributed so that the experts start first, then the skilled and so on.