Engesvang 60 km

It is our short 60 km mountain bike route, but it can still challenge you.

The MTB race is run as a team race with 2-6 riders on each team.

There is also the possibility of individual registration. You will then be placed in the same starting group as other individually registered.

Tempo Group

From Jelling you have the option to enroll your or your group's average speed to 12, 15, or 18 km/h

It is an MTB race, where we emphasize the experience, among other things, at some of Denmark's best depots.

  • The MTB route will be fully signed in 2018
  • However, we recommend that you pick up the route for your GPS
  • The foundation is a mix of forest trails, gravel roads, land roads and asphalt

The main routes are not technically difficult, whereas the single-track tracks give you great technical challenges.

Save money

SAVE 200 DKK on registration fee if you sign up for one of the three longest distances on the country or MTB, respectively, before 1 January 2019.

Limited number of seats on MTB.