Transport & logistics

Hærvejsløbet - The Viking Gran Fondo offers the unique cycling experience of riding from one place to another. Let us take care of transporting you and your stuff before, during or after the event.

There is something special around riding from one place to another instead of completing laps starting and finishing at the same spot.

In Hærvejsløbet - The Viking Gran Fondo you follow an ancient road (Hærvejen) from A to B, which means you will experience new challenges, sights and adventures throughout the day.

To make your life as easy possible, we offer direct transport by bus for you and your bike to each one the 11 different starting points. The busses leave from close to the finish line area in Viborg.

This means, you can chose between being transported from Viborg to your starting point on the morning of the race before the riding your way back to Viborg and your base. Alternatively, you can chose to go to your starting point yourself, ride the event to Viborg before then being transported back to your starting point after the race.

You can of course also chose to arrange all transport by yourself.

As well as the bus transportation, we offer to transport one bag of yours from your starting point to the finish line area in Viborg, so you can have normal shoes and warm and dry clothes waiting for you, once you arrive.

You can add your desired transportation through your registration on sportstiming.

See all of your different options below. Just click on the route, you're looking to participate in.