About DGI Impact

We work to better the conditions of our 6.300 member clubs and their 1.5 million members. We are looking for startups and entrepreneurs who share our vision of making Denmark the worlds most active sports nation

We are passionate about making a difference for the sport and association life in Denmark, and we are looking for entrepreneurs with the same goal.

DGI Impact is a entrepreneur course started in 2018. Every year we choose between 5-8 startups with the potential to get more active Danes, more people moving and creating the communities of the future.

In 2020 we are doing it a bit different!

We are inviting both winners from 2018 and 2019 as well as new entrepreneurs this year, and we especially focus on the challenges for sport associations that have been affected by the corona crisis and have lost members and income from cancelled events. How do we get Danes back as active members in the associations and how do we help the associations innovate?

We have the experts, the funding and the strength to make your dream real.

Therefore we chose up to 6 startups who can solve the challenges, and invest up to 2 million Danish Kroner in the projects.

About DGI

Since its founding in 1992, DGI has been a strong advocate for a healthy, challenging and community-based sports environment. An environment in which the individual can accomplish both personal and shared victories.

We want the individual to work in unison with the community that surrounds them, and become better and stronger because of it.

DGI currently consists of more than 6,000 local associations and clubs, with more than 1.5 million members. Spread out over 15 regions, each with their own local departments, DGI covers all of Denmark, as well as a small part of northern Germany.

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