Our Vision and Mission

Move For Fun is a global pilot programme funded by Novo Nordisk and developed in partnership with the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) and Danish sports association DGI, alongside other partner organisations in pilot countries. Move For Fun activates children in vulnerable communities.

Our shared vision

All children should have access to experience the joy of movement as a foundation for leading active, happy and healthy lives.

Our programme objective

100.000 disadvantaged children become physically active and through this, more self-confident, healthy and happy.

Our operational goals

Over 18 months, we will pilot the initiative in two or three locations, and

  • develop and demonstrate proof of concept for our unique, global programme
  • showcase how the programme can be sustainable in the long term through local partnerships
  • illustrate how the programme can scale-up (existing local partnerships increase volume) as well as scale-out (adding new locations).
  • Add unique value to the programme through synergies with our existing resources, including National Danish Performance Team, Team Novo Nordisk, MOVE Congress, Cities Changing Diabetes, NowWeMOVE campaign, Take Action etc.
  • evaluate programme outcomes at the systems, programme, and individual levels.

Our unique contribution

The programme is unique in combining the following elements

  • a philosophy and activity design based on the joy of movement, sense of community and equal participation, which is strongly rooted in Danish and Nordic traditions. We focus on bodily movement with low-barrier access, a non-competitive approach, and a holistic approach to building Physical Literacy (Dudley, 2018) and Human Capital (Bailey, 2013, appendix 2)
  • an international, culturally sensitive and adaptable programme that is focused on capacity building, concept progression, and sustainability. We empower local stakeholders to deploy the programme based on local realities and specific resources, and enable international peer learning, a sense of belonging, and a strong global support system for further progression.
  • a strong partnership between Novo Nordisk, DGI and ISCA, building on complementary competences and continuously taking on board international expertise and best practice. We build on a proven programme (DGI’s Jump4Fun), and enable synergies and combinations with existing initiatives to deploy the programme with our strong network of local partners.