Through Move For Fun we collaborate with public authorities, volunteers and associations to make physical activity for children in vulnerable communities.

The partners

Novo Nordisk is a leading health care company driving change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases. The company recently announced a new commitment to accelerate obesity and diabetes prevention through, among other, increased focus on childhood interventions addressing inequities in access to nutrition and physical activity.

DGI is the biggest “sport for all” association in Denmark, focusing exclusively on strengthening and promoting physical activity and sport participation for all citizens through local clubs and communities.

International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) is a global umbrella association of 260 national and local promoters of sport, play and physical activity. We develop and deploy concepts to empower organisations world-wide to get citizens from all walks of life more physically active.

Together, we believe we can pool our resources and complementary competences listed below to develop a unique global concept to get disadvantaged kids more physically active, and roll-out the programme through local partnerships.



  • Global network of physical activity promoters
  • International best practise knowledge in physical activity programmes
  • Experienced in developing and deploying multi-country projects


  • Expertise of learning content
  • Drive the project forward and ensure anchoring
  • Ensure solid data collection and evidence throughout all aspects of the partnership
  • Network

Novo Nordisk

  • CCD/Community intervention expertise and research tools
  • Diabetes and obesity prevention networks and advovavy and communication platforms
  • Corporate volunteers and Team Nove Nordisk ambassadors
  • Financial support


Local partner description

Through Move for Fun we collaborate with public authorities, volunteers and associations to enable physical activity for children in vulnerable communities.

Youth Sport Trust International 
The Move for Fun pilot in the UK is being delivered with support from Youth Sport Trust International. 
Youth Sport Trust International is a UK based sport for development charity working globally to improve the lives of children and young people through play, physical activity, Physical Education and sport. Our work os designed to be inclusive, engaging and accessible. Through the effective use of physical activity and sport we seek to achieve a number of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals – improving education, supporting health and wellbeing, promoting gender equality, reducing inequalities and developing community cohesion. Youth Sport Trust International will deliver Move for Fun in the UK, together with Youth Sport Trust and local partners.

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The Move for Fun pilot in Poland is being delivered with support from V4Sport. 
V4SPORT specializes in designing human behaviours, with the aim to get more people more active every day. The organization has a very specific focus on kids. In order to achieve this, complex programs are developed and delivered, that are based on cross sectoral partnerships, where private, public and non-governmental organizations work together to develop new ways of combating inactivity. 
V4Sport will deliver Move for Fun in Poland together with local partners.