About Move For Life

140 events in 24 hours

Move it! Move it!

Move for Life is a massive set of events inspiring people to get up and get active under the full moon. We aim to activate as many citizens in the region as possible.

With dozens of local and regional sports events, there will be plenty of opportunities to run, jump, hike, ride, skip ‘n’ hop, or whatever moves you.

In collaboration with sports clubs, enthusiasts, local projects and municipalities across the region, we rethink sports, exercise, and movement through the inspiration and integration of art and culture. A city will turn off all lights to make room for surprising, colorful and moving experiences. A museum will be open for a culture run. Forests will be lit up to make way for hiking, running or cycling. Whatever and where ever you choose your game, we want you to feel inspired to move for life.

Facts about the event

  • Will take place on the 4th and 5th of November 2017
  • Is part of the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017
  • Will cover the entire Central Denmark Region, including its 19 municipalities
  • Will consist of 100+ local events and several regional events
  • Will activate 15.000 citizens simultaneously

About Aarhus 2017

Aarhus has been appointed European Capital of Culture in 2017. The title European Capital of Culture (ECOC) represents one of the most prestigious and prominent cultural events in Europe.

Every year two EU countries are appointed as host countries. In 2017 Paphos, Cyprus has also been nominated as ECOC. Copenhagen was the first Danish city to host the ECOC in 1996, and it will be many years before a Danish city can boast the title again. Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 is supported by Central Denmark Region and all the municipalities in the region. It is deeply rooted in strong regional cooperation across the entire region.

With the theme of Sport & Play, Aarhus 2017 are challenging to go the extra mile: “In Denmark, we move the body in many ways. We walk upstairs, cycle, we run, we jump on sculptures and have fun. Sport is not just for the elite athlete but for everyone, and we are rethinking any number of ways to keep people fit, active, motivated and participating.

In 2017 we challenge ourselves to go the extra mile, to demonstrate the power of our bodies and the energy it can produce by integrating sport and light technologies, sport and libraries, sport and art, sport and business culture. In 2017, we want everyone to bust a move.”