DGI and our history

In Denmark gymnastics is much more than a sport. It is a way of life and part of a democratic and edifying development.

Being a small nation Danes have always sought adventure and knowledge abroad.

About DGI

National Danish Performance Team is part of DGI. An independent, non-profit Sport for All Federation of Denmark with approximately 1.5 million members, which is more than 25 percent of the population in Denmark.

DGI intend to strengthen voluntary associations as the framework of sport, emphasizing the importance of community building, self-empowerment and healthy living.

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During 80 years Danish gymnastics has been an inspiration around the world to exercise, joy and empowerment. Today workshops and Clinics are still an important way to share the motivation and inspiration of an active lifestyle.

Danish Folk High Schools have pioneered in taking young athletes abroad, and since the 1930’s gymnastics teams have inspired to exercise, joy and empowerment around the world. 

National Danish Performance Team have toured the world since 1994. At first the team where known as the National Danish Gymnastics Team.

Today the team is renowned around the world for its inspiring workshops, dazzling shows and performances. And more than 2 million people from nearly 60 countries have seen our shows.

National Danish Performance Team are considered world leader in team and display gymnastics.

Show at The Royal Danish Opera HouseShow at The Royal Danish Opera House