Get an educational and different experience at masterclasses and teacher’s clinics by National Danish Performance Team.

We aim to leave a lasting fingerprint after a visit. Coaches who participate in our masterclasses get the tools to keep inspiring an active lifestyle and make sports fun and joyful.

A masterclass is a concentrated course with education theory, methodology and coaching in:

  • Rhythmic gymnastics and dance 
  • Tumbling and mini trampoline 
  • Group display gymnastics
  • Elements from our current show.

A master class is aimed at experienced practitioners, PE teachers and coaches. A teacher's clinic can be tailored around one of our activity workshops. PE teachers and/or PE students will get introduction to the methods used and use the ongoing workshop as a case.

Today was an amazing day! The performance this morning was better than my wildest dreams, and workshops throughout the day were inspiring and fun for adults and kids alike. I felt like the whole school was lit up by the grace and matery they displayed in the performance. As we left the gym we were happy, tuched and better than when we started - Beauty does this to us.

Lorie Heald, Dance Teacher, Sct. Gregory College Preparatory School, Tucson