Build your own balance figure

Follow the brick


The participants are divided into small groups with X number of people in each group. The instructor constructs a figure using Six Bricks bricks in which the number of bricks used is equivalent to the number of participants in a group. It is now up to the groups to imitate the Six Bricks figure with their bodies. This gives the participants the opportunity to form different shapes with their bodies and be creative according to the number of bricks chosen and how they are used.

Difficulty barometer

  • Adjust the number of participants in each group.
  • Build more in width than in height.

Difficulty barometer.png
Four levers for development and adjustment:

  1. Communication:

    Each group is placed at a certain distance from a secret figure. Each group chooses a participant to be the group´s communicator. After starting, the communicator runs up and looks at the secret figure. At this point, the communicator is the only person who knows the shape of the figure. His or her task is to go back to the group and explain the figure to them so that the group can build the same figure. The communicator can do this using verbal or non-verbal communication.

  2. Participation:

    Each person forms a figure and places it in the centre of the floor. The groups are divided in circles around the figures. At the start of the activity, each group runs to the middle and tries to imitate the figure with their bodies. If they manage to imitate the figure successfully, the group is allowed to take the figure back to their starting point. The group that collects the most figures until there are none left, wins. 

  3. Collaboration:

    The group agrees on assigning each participant in the group a specific colour that matches the colours of the bricks. Then, the groups are presented with a new figure and they must be exactly at the space in the figure that corresponds to the colour of their brick.
  4. Creativity:

    Instead of having the same number of bricks as participants, the figure can be built of fewer or more bricks, thus challenging the participants to think Difficult differently.