Become a sponsor

National Danish Performance Team is seen by hundreds of thousands around the world, and our voice reaches far.

Sponsoring National Danish Performance Team is a remarkable event marketing platform for our partners. We are in contact with people all over the world through our world tour, performances, workshops, classroom visits, staying with host families etc.

Why become a sponsor?

  • Our world tour comprises approx. 200 shows and displays, seen by more than 250,000 spectators.
  • Each team perform around 170 workshops and impacts 20,000 children, youth and adults.
  • The interest in the team is huge, and they are often exposed in local, regional and national media.
Our work is put forward by skilled, volunteer athletes unparallelled in the world, and as a sponsor you will be part of our story.
The team is ideal to promote messages within healthy living, nutrition and exercise.
Becoming a sponsor, you can choose between different levels of sponsorshops:

   - International exclusive title Sponsor (Vestas)
   - Multi-city, regional or national sponsorships
   - Local shared presenting sponsorships
   - Product / associate sponsorships
   - Supporting sponsorships and donorships.

Please contact us for further information.

NDPT's visit gave people in Taiwan a concept of healthy life style and has brought Novo Nordisk Taiwan a healthier new image! In hospitals, we interacted with patients and medical staffs; in schools, we encouraged everyone to exercise!

Business Development Manager Loren Tsai, Novo Nordisk