Our sponsors & partners

Here you can get to know the sponsors and partners of National Danish Performance Team.


CRAFT/New Wave delivers clothing to the team expect from clothes for the shows. CRAFT has many years of collaboration with DGI, which includes the majority of sports from ball games and other team sports to individual endurance sports. Through both CRAFT and other internal trademarks, the majority of all requests are covered in almost all forms of training and competition. 


PE-redskaber supplies National Danish Performance Team with gymnastics equipment. The company has more than 15 years of experince developing high quality equipment, and they offer all kinds of jumping pits and gymnastics equipment - including hand tools, playing equipment, trampolines, jumping lanes, foam equipment and landing mats. The equipmentfrom PE-redskaber gives unlimited possibilities for exciting set-ups for both elite athletes and beginners.


National Danish Performance Team has many outfits, and most of them are costum-made by CHOPAR. The company deliver soft shell jackets, sweat pants, T-shirts, etc. developed in cooperation with customers. Chopar also serve other athletes who are well represented by local associations, competitiveand elite teams and talented gymnasts at boarding schools.

BGI Academy

BGI Academy ensures National Danish Performance Team's bootcamps when in Denmark. BGI Academy one of the largest boarding schools in Denmark, and the school has many opportunities to do jumping gymnastics, power tumbling, rhythmic gymnastics and dance. The framework of BGI Academy has sublime facilities in the form of a big jumping centre and a mirrored hall.


FYSIO DANMARK - a clinic for physiotherapy - helps and observes the gymnasts of National Danish Performance Team before, during and after their world tour.  FYSIO DANMARK is the link between the team and for example hospitals, medical practitioners and other specialists.


Kiropraktisk tests and treats the gymnasts before, during and after the world tour. Chiropractor Hanne Nøddeskou-Fink is also part of the Health Team. Earlier Hanne has been a therapist for different teams women's and men’s handball league. For the last three years she has been with Faaborg HK Elites first Division men’s handball.


In just a short space of time, YOYO Global Freight has developed into one of Denmark’s leading competitors in freight and logistics, regardless of whether one is sending goods domestically or globally. YOYO GLOBAL FREIGHT can offer worldwide transport, storage and logistic solutions and the company has been choosen as a partner of National Danish Performance Team during World-Tour 2016-2017.