Get a visit

Get to know top athletes on tour, and experience our world famous show, a dazzling and breathtaking display of the highest level.

Get a visit from National Danish Performance Team (NDPT), and give yourself and community an unforgettable and cultural experience. Be a part of the young top athlete’s world tour, be inspired to a healthier lifestyle, and get insight into Danish culture.

Every second year we travel the world and more than 2 million people have seen our show. Even more have participated in our well-known workshops at local primary, secondary, high schools and colleges and in our masterclasses for teachers and coaches.

You and your community have the chance to get a visit from the National Danish Performance Team too. For example by being a local organizer, sponsor or host family.

Contact us for a NDTP visit in your local area.

The team performance is an illustration of what happy people can achieve by combining learning and play

Thomas Lehmann, Embassador of Denmark in the Republic of Korea

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