How to finance

There are various ways of financing, and every visit is tailored to meet local conditions and hosting partners.

All costs are suitable for sponsorships

  • Accommodation can be covered by host families or sponsored by hotels etc.
  • Meals can be partly covered by host families, pot lucks, schools, sponsored meals etc.
  • Transportation can be covered by a regional/national sponsor.
  • PR and marketing can be partly covered by a regional/national sponsor or a media partner.

A visit of National Danish Performance Team is as a cooperation that benefits the host and the team.

Usually we divide the expenses: The hosting organization covers national costs, and National Danish Performance Team covers international related costs.

Generally all local and national costs are to be covered locally or nationally, and a mix of contributors and stakeholders are common. An important task for the hosting organization could be to indentify partners and sponsors to share and delegate the costs.

Making Money
Hosting the National Danish Performance Team is an incentive for the host organization to be able to make a revenue through sponsorships, donations, working fee, ticket sale etc.

Make it happen
Every Stay is the result of a close dialogue between the local organizers and the National Danish Performance Team on content, responsibilities, funding etc. to find the appropriate local model.