How to host the team

Get insight into the life on tour and get to know some young Danes. As a host family you are key to our world tour.

Host families is what makes a visit a remarkable and memorable experience. A host family opens their home and heart and introduce the athletes to the community they're visiting, its culture, language and customs.

Become part of our family

Since 1994 more than 1.200 families have hosted team members. An experience that leaves families and gymnasts with unforgettable experiences, greater cultural understanding and often great friendships.

Typically host families houses two team members for a few days or a week. The host provides some meals and can take the gymnasts on sightseeing, to family activities and local events. We ask that the hosted athletes have:

  • A bed every night.
  • Access to shower / bathing facilities.
  • Access to a washing machine.
  • Bed linen, covers, pillows etc. provided.
  • A room with privacy.

In return you gain insight into the Danish culture, the life “on tour” and get to know some young Danes. Many friendships has developed between host families and members of National Danish Performance Team.

It is usually the local or the regional coordinator who registers and distribute the host families.