How to plan and organize

Planning a succesful stay for the National Danish Performance Team consists of various components. Find our guidelines below.

During a stay, it is necessary to ensure a balanced everyday life for the team. Therefore, a 14 day period should contain the following main elements:

  1. Shows/performances: 2–4 full 1½ hour shows and up up to 4 semi-shows (30-45 min.) A full show lasts 4-6 hours in total: Setting up, preparations, warming up, actual show time and cooling down and packing.
  2. Workshops: 6-12 workshops. One workshop is defined as 1 workshop theme for 1 group of participants. A workshop lesson usually lasts 45-90 minutes.
  3. Training, practise & rehearsal: To maintain a high level and to avoid injuries, the gymnasts need to rehears the show, develop new routines and more. It is necessary with adequate time for training, which is approximately 12, whereof 6 hours should be consecutive.
  4. Sightseeing: Sightseeing is both educational and suitable to learn about the local, native and national culture. Suggestions and organized tours are welcome, but the team will also need to explore on their own. Sightseeing can be part of host family activities.
  5. Free time/time off: Touring 10 month in a row means the team will need some time off. Minimum of 2 full days is required, hereof 1 full day consecutive. A day off is for laundry, emailing, relaxing, recovery, letter writing, shopping, accumulating impressions etc. Full driving days are not considered as a off. Neither is sightseeing.
  6. Cultural and social contents: This can be time spend with host families, local organisers, contemporaries, attending functions etc. Cultural experiences could be local or indigenous food, lectures, exhibitions, taking part in workshops or going to theatres, sports games etc. Cultural elements are vital for our overall tour objectives.

Various factors as accommodation, transportation hours, time for eating, distances, conditions of venues and facilities and much more should always be taken into consideration.

Questions, suggestions and comments are always appreciated. Please contact us here.