Back to the roots in South Korea

National Danish Performance Team has visited South Korea for the first time ever. Still the trip has been a reunion with the roots of Danish gymnastics.

It’s 73 years ago since the first Danish gymnastic team visited South Korea with Niels Bukh as the charismatic manager. Back in 1931 the team held a performance at a stadium in Seoul, where a modern shopping mall is located today. 

The unique thing is that National Danish Performance Team did their first show in Seoul at that exact spot – the shopping mall Dongdaemun Design Plaza – three weeks ago, when the team started their three months tour in Asia. 

The national sport organisation YMCA has hosted NDPT in Korea and has managed to create an interesting program with a mix of shows, workshops, cultural experiences and time for training. 

Since the fourth of October NDPT has visited eight Korean cities, held six workshops and performed 11 shows. 400 children, young people and adults have participated in the workshops held at schools and universities, and more than 8000 people have seen ORBITA in South Korea.

An easy start

Even though the classic Korean breakfast with rice and different warm meals is quite different from the typical Danish cereals, the three weeks in Korea has been a gentle start of the world tour in Asia. 

The facilities have been great, the food delicious and everything has been very well organized. 

Female coach Ms. Maj Bukhave is very delighted about both the show ORBITA and the gymnasts after experiencing South Korea:

“It’s very exciting to adjust ORBITA to make it fit perfectly the different places. We choose different choreographies due to different lengths of the show, and it’s interesting to see ORBITA in various surroundings. At the same time it’s great to see how our gymnasts manage to adjust to the various versions.”

Maj Bukhave, Female coach

Saturday the 25th of October National Danish Performance Team travels to Taiwan, where the team will spend three weeks. NDPT will visit 12 countries in four continents during the six month long world tour.