Jette Rendbøll as Head of National Danish Performance Team

The woman behind one of Northern Europe's largest corporate business networks

Jette holds a bachelor in French and a candidate in English and International Relations (International Sales and Marketing, Social Studies) from Aalborg University.

Jette has worked with management, sales and marketing and she has had great success with fundraising within both Danish funds and EU funds. Jette has 4 years of international work experience. Throughout the past 9 years, Jette has been in charge of sponsorships at ARoS. She has been responsible for attracting sponsors, maintenance of sponsorship, development of new concepts, activation and settlement of events and she has built up a large network at CEO level. During her time at ARos, Jette has managed to create one of Northern Europe's largest corporate business networks in culture.

Jette is 49 years old and lives with her two teenage girls in Åbyhøj. The sports club has always meant a lot to Jette, and she has been coach and team leader in handball and volleyball. Sport is today an important part of family leisure.

In connection with the recruitment, the internal structure of DGI is changed so that National Danish Performance Team and Jette Rendbøll is referring directly to Søren Brixen, CEO at DGI.

DGI and National Danish Performance Team are looking forward to welcome Jette Rendbøll who will be starting on the 15th of Jan. 2018.