NAMUH is life

National Danish Performance Team will be travelling with the show NAMUH in 2018-2019. You will experience a dynamic mix of world class tumbling, trampoline, graceful choreograpies, danse routines, tricking and acrobatics.

NAMUH is about life, group dynamics and how to find the balance between the individual's freedom, identity and the group requirements, norms and safety.

We all know the feeling being part of a community and finding a place in the group. It can be first school day, beginning of a new job or joining a new team. Uncertainty and rumen in the stomach. What is my role? Am I good enough? Do I fit in?

Every community is going through a number of phases from it begins and until it either complete or dissolve. Inspired by the psychologist Bruce Tuckman's theory of developing mental stages the show NAMUH interprets the individual interaction and mutual influence.

From the very beginning our wish has been to create a show that we can all relate to. We are all participating in some kind of communities and groups. Group formation and dynamics are essential for us and we think it's extremely interesting to portray how we act in communities.

Choreographers, Malthe Hahn, Maiken Christiensen and Benedikte Capion Knudsen

Development through play

It has been very imporatant to involve the gymnasts in the process during the development of the show. Partly because the show is based on the experiences of the gymnasts but also to lift them up by giving them responsibility and ownership. At the same time, play and curiosity have been some of the keywords during training.

We have been playing as part of the approach when we have been using hand tools and the big trampoline. Often most of it remains in the training hall, but we try to bring it to the show. Playing is an important part of the process, no matter how seriously a feature is. It's in play, we find the new ideas. Curiosity will drive us to develop new parts, and here the gymnasts has been very important when it comes to input and creation of the show

Wake up feelings 

The choreographers have worked on the show NAMUH since October 2017. Days, evenings and nights have been used to create the show. For Malthe, Maiken and Benedikte it is a success criteria to wake up feelings.

We hope the audience has felt something during the show. It doesn't have to be a good feeling throughout the whole show, but hopefully, NAMUH makes an impression and gives substance for thought. These group dynamics are constantly in play. Some will be thinking about relationships, friendships, work and their family. We can do each other good and we can do each other bad, but we are always mutual dependent on each other.