NDPT: Changing Diabetes in Taiwan

National Danish Performance Team has just spent three weeks in Taiwan, where the team has participated in the worldwide campaign 'Changing Diabetes' together with Novo Nordisk.

For three intense weeks in Taiwan, NDPT has been doing workshops at hospitals, activated thousands of school children, performed for 26.000 Taiwanese and danced in the most famous sports in the capital city of Taipei.

The activities have all been part of Novo Nordisk Taiwans contibution to the worldwide campaign 'Changing diabetes' from the Danish multinational pharmaceutical company that aims to create awareness about the disease and to stop the global diabetes epidemic.

"NDPT has helped us to reach more people with our important messages about diabetes and especially to underline the importance of exercise. The team has great energy and has been spreading joy everywhere. They have really made a difference for our campaign."

Mr. Eric Wang, General Manager in Novo Nordisk Taiwan.
Team Manager for NDPT, Mr. Torben Nielsen, is also happy about the stay in Taiwan and to be working together with Novo Nordisk:

"I feel that we've made a difference in Taiwan, and that we've reached many people with our message about a healthy and active life style, which is also one of the best ways to prevent the development of type 2-diabetes. Our values and activities are a perfect match with the campaign, and I really hope that we've shown many that sport is fun and for all."

Torben Nielsen, Team Manager NDPT

Besides 12 shows for 26.000 audiences and 11 workshops for 2200 Taiwanese, NDPT also participated in several press activities with national TV-coverage. This increased the knowledge of the team and resulted in gymnasts being treated almost as international pop stars with several photo shoots with ecstatic fans.

NDPT continued to Tokyo in Japan on Sunday November 16th, where the team will spend 16 days. In Japan the team will be doing workshops in schools, perform at Japan and Kyoto Gymnastics Festival and work with Kokushikan University, which is well-known for its highly skilled gymnastic teams.

NDPT will visit 12 countries in four continents during the six month long world tour, before the team returns to Denmark with 22 shows in April and May.