NDPT Finishes World Tour in The U.S.

NDPT has just finished the six month long world tour in The United States with visits in five cities in five different states. The tour in Denmark starts April 15th.

National Danish Performance Team has just arrived in Denmark after traveling the world for six months in 11 different countries. The world tour finished in The U.S., where the team did workshops and shows in Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Berea and Washington D.C. 

NDPT arrived in Houston on February 24th and was reunited with the team equipment that never made it our of customs in Buenos Aires, which meant a month in South America without vaulting and equipment. In Houston the gymnasts stayed with host families again as they've done in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. 

It's really nice to stay with host families and it's the best way to experience a country. When traveling you don't really have a home, but it feels like having one, when we stay with host families, because they're so open and make us part of their families,"  says NDPT-gymnast Maja Lykke Christiansen. 

Host families also accommodated NDPT in Atlanta, Berea and Washington D.C. and they opened their homes, refrigerators and hearts for the Danish gymnasts. They also took them sightseeing and the gymnasts have experienced the Houston rodeo, Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Martin Luther King's Ebenezer church, CNN and The Mall in Washington D.C. 

Workshops and class-room-visits

After traveling five months in Asia, Costa Rica and South America with almost all communication through interpreters new options have arisen after coming to The U.S., where everyone in the team have been able to speak with people of all ages. 

This has among other things resulted in many class-room-visits with gymnasts telling school children about Denmark, gymnastics and NDPT in general. Across The U.S. the NDPT-gymnasts have been met with energy, smiles, curiosity and open arms, and they've enjoyed giving something back to the local communities. 

The show ORBITA has been performed in all visited cities, and NDPT is more than ready to the tour in Denmark waiting ahead. DK TOUR starts April 15th and tickets can be bought at http://www.verdensholdet.billetten.dk/