NDPT moves South America

NDPT has spent a month in South America and moved both Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. In Chile the team reached audience number 100.000.

While Denmark has been covered in snow, National Danish Performance Team has enjoyed the summer holiday period in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. But the team hasn't been on holiday - on contrary: NDPT has travelled along the coast lines and in the popular tourist areas to be present, where the South Americans are this time of year. 

Several activities have been held at beaches, and the NDPT-gymnats have enjoyed the soft element:

"It's been fun to do shows and workshops at the beach and fascinating to see the big interest. It was cool to do Orange planet in the sand because we could improvise and interact with the audience in the intimate environment."

NDPT-gymnast Tobias Kobborg Kristensen

All 14 shows in South America have been popular with more than 20.000 audiences in total and in Chile NDPT reached audience number 100.000 since the first show in Denmark in September 2014.

Many workshops were held after the show with the whole audience invited to the floor to dance and do gymnastics. It was a great success and South Americans of all ages were eager to get active after seeing NDPT perform.

A month without equipment

The South American beaches weren't the only new element in the show ORBITA. The team equipment was stuck in the Argentinian customs in Buenos Aires during the whole stay, which meant that the team had to perform without vaulting - or to get the best out of the equipment provided by the local club.

The situation has been far from optimal, but gymnasts and coaches have been excellent at adapting and managed to deliver very entertaining shows anyway.

"We've been met by satisfied audiences and hosts at all our shows and people has been very exited. We would've love to show them the boys' vaulting as well, but I'm proud of the way that we've managed to get the best out of all situations and given a lot of good experiences."

Team Manager Torben Nielsen

NDPT has used the time without equipment to focus on the rhythmic elements and a new male choreography has been introduced.

Tuesday the 24th of February NDPT said goodbye to South America and continued to Houston in Texas. The team will spend five weeks in USA before returning to Denmark March 31st.