New Team Management for Tour 2016-2017

When National Danish Performance Team start up Tour 2016-2017, it will be with a new executive management team in the lead.

Team Manager Lene Bruun, has been part of the recruitment of the new management team, which will consist of the two instructors Signe Tofting Schaarup and Nikolaj Refshauge Kristiansen. The physical counselor will be Henning Engberg and Josias Juliussen become communications officer for the team.

Signe Tofting Schaarup, Instructor. Signe is 28 years old and former gymnast at National Danish Performance Team. She is passionate about gymnastics and dance, and loves to geek out, explore and experiment with moves.
Nikolaj Refshauge Kristiansen, Instructor. Nicholas is 26 years and reads Sport and Health at the University of Southern Denmark. Nikolaj has a lot of experience in the gymnastics world, both as a gymnast and a director. Nikolaj is looking forward to working intensely with some of the best gymnasts.

Henning Engberg, Physical supervisor. The next physical supervisor for NDPT is Henning Engberg from Copenhagen. Henning is 28 years old and now works as a physiotherapist and clinical instructor. He has experience from other teams like Ajax Copenhagen and B93.

Josias Juliussen, Communications Officer. Josias is 30 years and just returned to Copenhagen after a few years in South Africa, where he worked with marketing, social media and press relations for one of the largest organizers of volunteering and internships in developing countries.