Team Management for Tour 2021-2022

When National Danish Performance Team start up Tour 2021-2022, it will be with a new executive leadership.

The preparations have started and it will be a strong team in charge. The first one hired was team manager Bie Andersen. Bie Andersen, has been part of the recruitment of the new management team, which will consist of 2 choreographers, physical counselor and communications officer.

In 2021-2022 National Danish Performance Team will be travelling with a new show called QUA. QUA will be the name of the show but the content is still at a very early stage. What we know is that the show will be powerful, graceful and spell-binding. The entirety and flow of the performance is supported by colourful costumes, music and expressions. A lot of preparations are already happening and team manager Bie Andersen, is looking forward to all the new tasks.

Behind the scenes

Bie Andersen
Movement, community and healthy living mean a lot to Bie and has been a driving force in her years as a gymnast, rowing and previous jobs. She looks forward to moving the world with some very dedicated gymnasts.
The dream comes true, where we get the opportunity to spread the message of Danish gymnastics and moving the world together with National Danish Performance Team.
Bie Andersen, Team Manager

Dinne Fredslund Andersen, Choreographer
Dinne was raised in Ollerup, where gymnastics and community always have been an important part of her life. Dinne was a gymnast on National Danish Performance Team in 2014-2015, which she remembers, as an amazing and very educational experience. Dinne would like to pass on these experiences to the gymnasts on to the team travelling in 2020-2021.
I want to give the gymnasts a sense that they each are important to the team and the show QUA.
Dinne Fredslund Andersen

Morten Asbjørn Christiensen, Choreographer
Morten is former gymnast on National Danish Performance Team 2014-2015. Today he is studying Master of Engineering.
Morten has a lot to offer as a choreographer, both in terms of experience, but also in relation to the creative part which he is already working on. For the past years, he has been in charge of the “Aarhus rephold”. The role of instructor has allowed him to unfold as a leader. He wants to focus on individual success and development to advance team performance.
Well-being is essential for a strong and healthy team spirit on NDPT.
Morten Asbjørn Christensen

Mads Eilert Mathiasen, Physical supervisor
Mads will be responsible for National Danish Performance Team's physique.
Mads works as a physiotherapist, and for the past 5 years he has worked with people on many levels, where he handles treatments and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries.
Mads is very interested in physiotherapy and his conviction is that prevention and rehabilitation not have to be 3x15 repetitions, but training can be made more fun, more exciting and challenging without losing the effect.

Bettina Illermann Larsen, Communikation specialist 
Bettina is journalist and loves storytelling, sports and people.
She comes from a position as a video journalist at a production company where she has been on the move with her camera. Bettina is used to traveling and has moved in many parts of the world, through her work as a journalist. Recently, she traveled to Uganda to make a web documentary on malaria.
She looks forward to traveling with the messages of a healthy lifestyle and sport for everyone, and to move the world with exciting stories, video and pictures from the daily lives of gymnasts.
She is more than ready to travel with National Danish Performance Team to communicate about movement and health. 

The new Team Management must now create a team. Together they will complement each other and lift the show QUA and a team of 28 talented gymnasts.
The selection of gymnasts will take place in February and April 2020. The unique Danish team consists of 28 high level and skillful gymnasts and performers. They are all true amateurs, aged 19-28 - selected for their skilles as well as for their character. They are all young ambassadors to Denmark, sharing and you will be able to find pictures from the event at Facebook and Instagram.