NDPT is ready to kick off the IMANI World Tour

National Danish Performance Team (NDPT) is currently on tour in Denmark with the show IMANI. There are only two more performances left before the 28 gymnasts and the leader team will embark on a six-month long tour around the world.

Girls with fans

Almost 20.000 people in Denmark have already enjoyed the unique combination of innovative rhythmic gymnastics, creative acrobatics and high-speed trampoline and tumbling.

The team leaves Denmark on the 29th of September. First stop is Germany where Flensburg and Aschaffenburg will have the chance to see what NDPT does best. After that the tour brings the team to Tanzania and Zanzibar, Australia, Indonesia, China, Mexico, USA and finally a training camp on the Canary Islands before heading home to Denmark for yet another tour around the country.

A lifelong dream

NDPT consists of 28 selected and highly skilled gymnasts from all over Denmark. The athletes are 19-28 years old and they participate as volunteers. For them joining the team has been a lifelong dream.

Seven of the gymnasts have just graduated high school, several worked as gymnastic teachers, and many are studying at universities in such different fields as law, political science, chiropractic and English.

Travelling along with the 28 gymnasts is a team of five leaders: Ms. Lene Bruun (Team Manager), Nikolaj Refshauge Kristiansen (Choreographer), Ms. Signe Tofting Schaarup (Choreographer), Mr. Josias Juliussen (Press Officer) and Mr. Henning Engberg (Trainer).

IMANI – a show about believing

‘Imani’ is a word in Swahili meaning trust or faith. IMANI is a show with three different dimensions showcasing acrobatics, tumbling, dance and gymnastics that all revolve around the theme of believing in something or someone.

The three dimensions are I, We and Us. During the show themes like self-doubt, hierarchy and heartbreak will be explored. But also falling in love and finding a place to belong within a community is an important part of the show IMANI.

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