The Team Manager for the next National Danish Performance Team has been found

On the coming tour we will have Lene Bruun spearheading the team.

Lene Bruun, Team Manager

Lene is 48 years old, married to Poul Jorgensen and has three teenage children. The family is currently living in Connecticut, USA where her husband works for LEGO. They are returning to Denmark when NDPT begins it’s summer 2016 training camp and the following tour.

Currently, Lene is a volunteer in the local Bike Committee and is spearheading the program Cycling Without Age, West Hartford, CT. She is originally from Goerding, Denmark, where she worked as head of Community Nurses in the Municipality of Esbjerg. Lene has a Master in Health Science and experience as a physiotherapist. Lene has strong knowledge and experience in management, gymnastics and health. For many years her passion has been to influence children, adolescents, adults and elderly to an active lifestyle where fun and movement creates the foundation for healthier living.
As a former gymnast, Lene brings a lot of experience to the team. She has traveled abroad with teams to countries such as Japan, Tanzania and New Zealand.

As a person, Lene is visionary. She likes to set goals and manage complex initiatives. Lene finds motivation by working with people who are passionate about what they do, people who love to immerse themselves, challenge themselves and develop as human beings.
In connection with National Danish Performance Team she looks forward to being part of the development when it comes to process, gymnasts and team management. Having focus on the human, social and cultural development and understanding, her goal will be to create a strong management team and a positive and robust team of gymnasts.