Thomas Dahl back in the team

We are happy to announce, that we have re-hired Thomas Dahl back to DGI, and National Danish Performance Team.

Thomas’ primary focus will be organizing the world tour. He has more than 10-year experience of planning the tours, and many of you are already familiar with Thomas from previous visits.

Thomas is already well under way with the planning, and I encourage you all to reach out to him for more information or engagement in the upcoming tour.

I am really excited to be back, working for the National Danish Performance Team. For the past four years I have organized and executed the world cup in creative entrepreneurship, and been head of Events and Partnerships at National Aquarium Denmark. Now I am back at DGI, and eager to connect and move the world again.

Thomas Dahl

Thomas has the challenging task of planning the upcoming world tour.

"It is challenging, admitted, but at the same time energizing and affirming, because together we can send a positive message of bringing the world back together".

As you all know, the world tour was postponed last year, and right now we are piecing together the upcoming 2021-2022 tour.

Naturally, it is not a done job, yet, as many things are still up in the air. But we are really optimistic from all the positive response and interest around the world.

"I will be more than happy to take your calls and messages for a briefing on the possibilities of bringing the Danish Team back into your communities.

Likewise, everything you can inform me on the current situation in your county is important for the planning process, even a visit is not yet on the drawing board".

Great to be back, and hope to meet many of you soon again

Thomas Dahl

Ill encourage everyone one of you to consider the possibilities locally, and of the huge positive impact a visit of the team can leave.

Let’s restart the world through sports, joy of exercise and community-building.