Christmas far away from home

The National Danish Performance Team did their best to get into the Christmas spirit, despite the fact that they spent the month of December far away from snow and family time.

In December The National Danish Performance Team performed in a park in 30 degree heat.

It is a special time when the streets are decorated with glittering candles, and the pine trees move into the living rooms. Christmas. For some, it starts already in the month of November with Christmas candy in the supermarkets and the sound of "Last Christmas" on the radio. For others, Christmas starts only when the Christmas tree is decorated, and the presents have been giftwrapped.

For The National Danish Performance Team, the Christmas atmosphere began in Argentina where they made Danish Christmas treats and Christmas decorations in the beginning of December.

"We have been good at prioritizing the Christmas atmosphere by listening to Christmas music and making Christmas decorations, but at the same time we are in a country where they don’t celebrate Christmas as much as we do back home" says Signe Ramskov Stampe, gymnast at The National Danish Performance Team.

It was almost impossible to get the right ingredients to make Danish Christmas treats (cocoa oat balls), but the gymnasts still managed to find the most important things: butter, oatmeal, and incredibly sweet cocoa powder. Although the butter quickly melted in the heat, the gymnasts managed to make a large portion of cocoa oat balls, which they rolled in cornflakes and ate while listening to Christmas carols.

“I am used to seeing signs of Christmas everywhere in Denmark. It is quite different here in Argentina. It feels like summer holiday - not like Christmas,” says Signe Ramskov Stampe, gymnast at The National Danish Performance Team.

However, the gymnasts have made a diligent attempt to bring the Christmas spirit to Argentina. Throughout the month of December, they have been Santa Clauses for each other, and when the gymnasts warmed up before the show, they used Christmas music and Christmas games. After spending the beginning of December in Argentina, the team traveled to Uruguay.

Lucia parade in Uruguay


Although the gymnasts spent most of their time doing shows and workshops, there was also time in Uruguay for small glimpses of the real Christmas mood. For example, the girls surprised the boys with a Lucia parade on December the 13th wearing colored linen and carrying candles. In addition, many of the gymnasts' families have done their part to ensure that the gymnasts have a little Danish Christmas in their luggage.

"Many of us have had a little bit of Christmas with us from home. For example, I have received 24 letters, as a kind of Christmas calendar and some have received advent gifts," says Signe Ramskov Stampe, gymnast at The National Danish Performance Team.

On December 21st, the gymnasts traveled to Thailand, where they arrived on December 23rd - just in time to get ready for their first Christmas together. They will celebrate Christmas Eve at a Sandbox Hotel near Bangkok. A Sandbox Hotel is a larger enclosed area where the gymnasts must stay for 7 days due to the corona restrictions in Thailand. The gymnasts are looking forward to celebrating Christmas together.

"It will be a bit weird to be away from my family at Christmas Eve. But I also think it will be a fun experience. It will be a Christmas Eve that I’ll remember forever,” says Signe Ramskov Stampe, gymnast at The National Danish Performance Team.