World-tour postponed one year

During the past year we have been planning the world-tour of National Danish Performance Team going to Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, South Korea, Malaysia, Borneo, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, USA and many European countries.

During the past year NDPT has prepared the World Tour 2020-2021. In February the first part of the audition took place and 58 gymnasts were selected to join the second audition. The goal was to find the 28 gymnasts for the coming team. 

The second audition was scheduled for Easter, postponed to 7-10th of May and now planned for 20-24th of May. Unfortunately the restrictions during this stage of Corona doesn't allow us to gather more than 10 people and training camp can only take place in August or after. 
The past couple of weeks we have received new updates from around the world. We have collected information to find out what would be possible.

Meetings with Embassies, Ministry of foreign affairs and many coordinators leaves us with no doubt. The trip must be postponed for one year.

Our goal is to move the world towards healthy living, self-empowerment and community building.
During a world tour around 200 workshops are scheduled and the gymnasts are in close contact with more than 15,000 children. Right now, the conditions for being together is challenged. Around the world, people open their homes and their hearts, and we will not take the risk of bringing the team, local coordinators and hosts in difficult situations.

The World Tour has been postponed one year, and the team will be travelling in 2021-2022 instead and we are already looking forward moving the world with you again.

Thank you to all coordinators for your patience, your support and effort to make the tour happening. It is highly appreciated and we look forward continuing the co-operation for the world tour 2021-2022.

Mette Mogensen, Head of World Team

We move the world again in 2021-2022