Workshops and Clinics

Get an exciting and inspiring experience through our popular workshops. Activity and fun are our goal!

National Danish Performance Team's workshops has different themes based on Danish gymnastics tradition and our current show. The themes can be combined in various ways and adjusted according to participant’s age, number and preconditions.

In most cases our "We move the World"-workshop will suit everyone. Our most popular workshop setup will be tailored to the age group, number of participants and their preconditions. The "We move the World" workshop will consist of selected elements from the various workshop themes (theme 1-7) and the "We move the World" dance to ensure a fun and engaging activity.

Add "Meet a Dane" - class room visits (theme 9), and you will have the ideal school activity day.

Please also consider our Teacher's Clinics and Master Class options for practitioners and skilled gymnasts.

This is how you can use the material

Here you will find details for 7 great workshops with four versions you can use to promote different areas of development.

We are focusing on social development, physical development, participation, communicating developement, development motivation, cognitive, experimentation and collaboration.

We can also tailor a workshop setup to meet your needs and requests from the various workshop themes:

  1. Playing for life: Playing and games are important elements in our teaching philosophy. Games can be used as training, warming up, team building and to strengthen social relations. A fun training session is motivating and stimulating. We must remember to play throughout life. "Playing for life" gives full speed, laughter and sweat for all age groups, children, adolescents and adults.
    Contains games, relay, warming up activities and social aspects.

  2. Fun and engaging exercise. Being physical active is for all ages – and it is fun too. Try this fun and engaging exercise session tailored to any age group and pre-conditions. Our bodies are made to move, and the daily exercise does not have to be boring and tiresome. We guarantee that you will walk away inspired, challenged and energized. Basic physical training is a prerequisite for all types of activity, and a necessity of life for a healthy body and mental vitality. We work in a social context, and will be laughing and sweating together. 
    It is a fun, unique and moving experience!

  3. A world of dance: MTV, dance battles, street culture, ballet and modern dance. These are the the sources of inspiration in this workshop. The participants will experience the convergence of different motion expressions, feel the energy of group dancing and be challenged by the rhythms and techniques.

  4. Urban movements: Participants will discover and develop their own movement style navigating urban obstacles. They will experience a new sense of freedom using creativity, precision, running, climbing, jumping and rolling! They will learn tricking movements and how to create an aesthetic blend of flips, kicks, and twists. Urban movements are appropriate for all levels of fitness and begin with basic strength conditioning, coordination and safety.

  5. Tumbling and mini trampoline: It's fun to romp around and challenge your body on the equipment. Dexterity, coordination and courage are put to the test when working with elements of tumbling on the mats. Various basic elements put together to vaulting that gives speed and excitement. We work with the same "building blocks" which the gymnasts use in their training and in the show. It tickles when you jump into the trampoline. Trampoline as gymnastics equipment provides plenty of opportunities for training of gymnastic and acrobatic skills.
    Mini trampoline is fun equipment that is popular to try. Participants experience what it takes to "fly" as the team’s talented gymnasts.
  6. Acrobatics: Agility, balance, cooperation, coordination and confidence are essential skills when working with acrobatics. - And it's fun too. Skills reflected in gymnastics, and necessary in our everyday lives. Everyone will be challenged by the body's possibilities, and in cooperation with others, we create pyramids and compositions. 

  7. Rhythmic Challenges: Rhythmic challenges focuses on body control, basic rhythmic elements and compositions. It is a workshop full of energy, expressive and exciting combinations. In this workshop we work with elements from the team's show, apparatus, etc.

  8. Master class & Teacher's clinics. In special cases, we organize a master class or teacher’s clinics. Teacher's clinics can be a parallel session to an ordinary workshops for school kids/students.
    A master class is a concentrated course with education theory, methodology and coaching in
    1. Rhythmic gymnastics / dance
    2. Tumbling / mini trampoline
    3. Group display gymnastics
    4. Elements from the current show

    A master class is aimed at experienced practitioners, PE teachers or coaches.

  9. Meet a Dane, class room visits: We encourage and emphasize the importance of cultural and personal encounters. Meet one or more of the team athletes for a briefing or conversation in class, clubs or as part of a workshop. Learn about their fantastic world tour, their lives with sports and get into dialogue and know more from a young Dane. 

Please contact us for further information.