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Challenge your inner viking

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HÆRVEJSLØBET – The Viking Gran Fondo is your challenging and unforgettable ride back through history.

The event presents a fascinating mix of physical challenges for your inner Viking, historical sights and beautiful landscapes at every turn of the pedals.

You are going on an unforgettable ride from A to B along the natural ridge that was formed through Jutland during the last ice age. Here, an ancient road – Hærvejen – has, over the centuries, helped migrants, pilgrims, merchants and Vikings stay dry as they made their way through Denmark.

You need to bring out your inner Viking to overcome the challenging routes and the steep climbs. The route also offers you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the ride with beautiful landscapes and our famous feeding stations.

A one-of-a-kind gran fondo featuring truly extraordinary opportunities for you to combine an authentic cycling challenge with a wonderful holiday for your family.

The event is held on 29th of June 2024

Video: Hærvejsløbet - The Viking Gran Fondo highlights