On tour

It is challenging to travel 10 months in a row. However, touring the world as an athlete on our team is an experience many strive for.

Very few things in the suitcase and various travel conditions. The gymnasts of National Danish Performance Team take one year's leave from their jobs or studies to attend the team, and the benefits by far outdo the obstacles.

Light travelling with lots of memories

The team is not accommodated in luxury hotels. We believe in the value of being in the midst of a culture, and we are often privately accommodated or stay in dormitories or hostels. We only bring few personal items as most of our suitcase is for costumes and training gear.

We may travel light, but we collect loads of memories on the road.

A variety of preparation and skills

It takes a lot of energy to prepare a 90-minute show of top gymnastics. In addition, we also have to prepare workshops, other activities, classroom visits and more. Our philosophy is to show all aspects of Danish gymnastics. Therefore, we are skilled not only as performers but also as coaches and instructors.

Contributing to a common good

Each team member pay a fee to join the tour. This is due to unique Danish traditions where everyone contributes to a greater common good; to keep the community based gymnastics club alive.

Challenged by cultures and conditions

We perform under many conditions during our world tour; from sports arenas and theatres to lawns in parks and dirty fields. It can be burning hot, windy or chilly. But we always try to adapt our performance to local conditions.

During the tour we are challenged and educated by different cultures, accommodations and venues. But what really provides experience is living so closely with the other team members during 10 months.

We love to tour the world

It is a gift to be able to spread the message about healthy living and travel practicing one's passion, gymnastics.