Show 2023-2024

National Danish Performance Team proudly presents the show KATA

A show with National Danish Performance Team is truly a unique experience.

The performance combines a variety of modern rhythmic gymnastics, dance, artistic vaulting, tumbling, trampoline and high-energy acrobatics. It is a dazzling and breathtaking display at the highest level.

The latest show QUA was a contemporary story about life

A life where we all need to find our own way. The journey through life can be both calm and stable or crooked and challenging. The story of QUA depicts life’s journey with both its ups and downs. We fill our minds with ideas and memories from all kinds of experiences to make use of our previously gained understandings. You may grow from challenges, and unexpected experiences may broaden your horizons. Sharing life with others is one of the greatest privileges we have, and we wish to share the happiness of both the small and big adventures of life with you. We look forward to sharing our journey with you. 

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