Show 2023-2024

National Danish Performance Team proudly presents the show KATA

A show with National Danish Performance Team is truly a unique experience.

The performance combines a variety of modern rhythmic gymnastics, dance, artistic vaulting, tumbling, trampoline and high-energy acrobatics. It is a dazzling and breathtaking display at the highest level.

The show KATA is a story full of excitement

KATA invites you on a journey into a wonderful, mysterious and poetic universe. A universe which forces both gymnasts and the audience to let go of control and let themselves be seduced by the music, the movements and the magic. 

Join us where the imagination runs wild and where you indulge in an adventurous and inexplicable experience.

The show by the National Danish Performance Team is an unforgettable experience, and we are acknowledged all over the world as a world-class performance.