The team

The gymnast of National Danish Performance Team have often worked for years to be part of the highly recognized team.

The Unique Danish team consists of 28 high level and skillful gymnasts and performers. They are young ambassadors to Denmark, sharing Danish culture, sport and artistry with thousands around the World.

Gymnastics, dance, cheer, vaulting, drama, advanced tumbling and acrobatics. The 28 performers of National Danish Performance Team are skilled in many ways.

Every other year a new team is formed. 14 women and 14 men, aged 20-26, are selected through several days of audition and personal interviews. They are all true amateurs, selected for their skills as for their character and their ability to communicate the joy of sports in international relations. 

In addition to the audition a personal interview with the gymnasts emphasizes the importance of their ability to act in international and social relations and to communicate the joy of sports, a healthy life style and physical activity.

In Denmark the local sports club culture is based on voluntary commitment. Therefore all team members must be locally committed as coaches on voluntary basis, and they have to pay a rather considerable fee to attend the world tour.