NDPT: Training camp in Costa Rica

National Danish Performance Team started the year in an intense training camp in Costa Rica focusing on both improving the physical shape and optimizing the show ORBITA.

The program said training from early morning to late evening, when NDPT began the stay in Costa Rica with training camp for a week in San Ramón. The purpose of the week was both to improve the physical shape of the gymnasts and to dedicate time to focus on the show ORBITA that has been performed xx times i seven different countries since the departure from Denmark in September.

NDPT-instructors - Mrs. Maj Bukhave and Mr. Mads Kirk - got help from two choreographers from the Performance Team during the training camp, who helped developing new elements and saying goodbye to others. 

The fantasy universe ORBITA still looks like itself with the three planets - the blue, the orange and chess - and the heartshaped sun, but many movements and transitions have changed and will also continue to change during the two last months of the world tour in South America and USA. 

In the training camp the team also had a visit from a physioterapist and a chiropractor from the Health Team, who treated all the gymnasts, tested them physically and planned the training for the next two months.

Family visits and amazing nature

On top of all the hard training the team also did four well-visited shows in Costa Rica and plenty of different workshops. The gymnasts both played with handicapped children, danced with elderly Costaricans and worked with gymnasts from the gymnastic club Tempos, which is inspired by Danish gymnastics. 

The NDPT-gymnasts also got the time to experience a little of the amazing Costarican nature. The team went to the beach a couple of times and river rafted in the most beautiful surroundings. Many families to the gymnasts visited the team in Costa Rica and this meant gifts and letters brought from Denmark, Danish snacks and fantastic cheering during the shows.

NDPT continued to Buenos Aires on the 24th of January and will do shows and workshops for three days before continuing to Uruguay on the 27th of January. After the stay in Uruguay the team will return to Buenos Aires and continue all the way down through Argentina to Chile.